Positive Behaviour Support

We all use behaviour as a way of communicating. When a person uses challenging behaviour or behaviours of concern, they are telling us that something is wrong or missing and they need help to make it better and have their needs met.

Positive behaviour support is an evidence based approach which aims to reduce challenging behaviour by increasing a person’s quality of life.

Senses Australia psychologists and clinical psychologist work closely with clients, their families and carers, supporters and other stakeholders to explore the person’s needs, their environment and their overall quality of life. We work together to gain a shared understanding of why a person may be needing to engage in behaviours of concern.

We do this by:

  • Using a person centred approach to planning the types of support and services that our clients need. Together with our clients, and those that know them well, we gain an understanding of what is going well and what needs to change or look different in order to enhance our client’s quality of life.
  • Helping families and carers to identify causes of behaviour.
  • Supporting families, carers and stakeholders to feel empowered to understand a person’s individual needs and how these needs can be met.
  • Supporting families, carers and others to identify and implement supports and strategies that make sense for the person and their individual environments.

How to determine when services can be helpful:

Positive behaviour support and psychology services can be helpful when a person is:

  • Behaving in a way that may be concerning or challenging.
  • Going through a big change or transition and they need support to help prepare and cope with the change.
  • Showing signs or has been diagnosed with a mental health concern such as anxiety or depression and they need support to reduce the impact.

Other Psychology Services

At times, young people and adults may need or benefit from psychological support to maintain their emotional, social and psychological well being.

Our psychologists and clinical psychologist are experienced and trained in a range of approaches to reduce the impact of mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Supports include systemic approaches (working with families and carers), counselling, individualised supports and structured programs including programs such as protective behaviours.


Contact us with any queries you may have regarding disability therapy or our Positive Behaviour approach.