NDIS Specialist Assessment of Skills, Abilities and Needs

Senses Australia supports the provision of specialised assessment as per the Disability Insurance Scheme where the person with a disability may have complex or unclear needs, or require long term and/or intensive supports.

We have a range of professional staff (for example, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, social workers, clinical psychologists) who are able to carry out various assessments in order to determine the support needs of:

  • An individual with complex needs.
  • When someone’s needs are unclear if they have not received service previously; or
  • If communication is a barrier to understanding someone’s needs.

More information
If you would like to explore how Senses Australia can support a Disability Insurance Scheme specialist assessment for you please contact:

For children – Alicia Gorman, Coordinator Children’s Services
Email – alicia.gorman@senses.org.au
Phone – 0401 381 106

For adults – Holly Coopes, Coordinator Adult Therapy Services
Email – holly.coopes@senses.org.au
Phone – 0450 588 076