Assistance for me in the community

At Senses Australia, we support individuals with disability to live in a way of their choosing, and help them to form stronger connections to their local community.

This may include providing some support to participate in social, recreational and educational activities, as well as ways to meet new people. Some people may also need help with learning how to travel independently. Or perhaps they just need some help with mobility and equipment to better access their local community independently.

No matter your needs, we listen and support you to:

  • Design and plan your own service.
  • Have genuine choice and make decisions about your supports and the services you want and use.
  • Access appropriate therapy services.
  • Determine how much information and control you want over the management of your services. To find out more, click here.

We can provide support to you throughout the week and on the weekends, depending on your needs, what you want and what you want to do with your time. Some of the activities we may assist you with include:

  • Meeting up with friends and family, click here.
  • Increasing informal networks and meeting new people, click here
  • Participating in sporting and recreational activities, click here.
  • Accessing educational and training courses, click here.
  • Assistance in securing employment, click here.
  • Transport to social events,click here.
  • Transport to medical and other appointments, click here.
  • Going shopping for groceries and other needs, click here.
  • Transport training, click here.
  • Assisting with orientation and mobility in the community, click here.