Assistance for me at home

At Senses Australia we want to support you to live your life in a way that you choose while living at home. This may include living with your family, living on your own, sharing with one or more other people or in a home sharer arrangement.

We will listen and support you:

  • To design and plan your own service.
  • To have genuine choice and decision – making about your supports and services you use.
  • To determine how much or how little information and control you want over the management of your services. You can manage a little bit or the whole lot and we will support you with whatever decision you make.

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We can provide support throughout the week and on the weekends depending on your needs, what you want and what you want to do with your time. Some of these activities include:

  • At mealtimes.
  • Showering and dressing and other personal care.
  • Getting out in the community.
  • Assisting with medication.
  • Taking me to medical and other appointments.
  • Going shopping for groceries and all of your needs.

All of our staff, as well as being well trained, are well supported through continuous supervision and mentoring. Our support workers keep your needs at the centre of their attention.

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