Having a break for me or my family

You deserve a break.  However, for you and your family member to enjoy a break, you may require some assistance with undertaking typical daily activities.

You may require assistance to participate in social events, recreational activities, visiting friends, shopping and attend appointments. Senses Australia can assist you to do these things to provide you and your family or carer the break that they need.

We can provide support during the day, in the evening, during the week or over the weekend. We even provide support in your family home.

Family stay

You may wish to stay with another family when you and your family need a regular break. Senses Australia can help you to choose a family as we know of a number of families who would love to have you stay with them.  We will help you to choose the family that best suits you and who you feel most comfortable with. 

At Senses Australia we have a comprehensive assessment process which ensures that we have host families registered who have had all the necessary security checks in place and have undertaken the relevant training to be a host family.

Together, we will work out just what you and your family needs and we can provide you with the help and flexibility to make this happen.