Hanen Language Development Programs

Our Speech Pathologists use many of the principles of this internationally recognised and evidenced-based programmes when supporting language development in young children. These programs are highly effective in supporting parents and caregivers to facilitate language development. Hanen strategies and approach align with the Senses Early Childhood Early Intervention approach, as endorsed by the NDIS.

Many of our speech pathologists at Senses Australia are trained in the following Hanen Programmes:

  • It Takes Two to Talk – specifically designed for parents of children with language delays. You’ll learn how you can build your child’s language skills naturally during everyday routines and activities.
  • More Than Words specifically for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other social communication difficulties. This program works to build communication and social skills during everyday routines and play.

Our therapists will run Hanen groups when there is an identified need.

Services can be accessed through:

  • NDIS plan
  • Paying a ‘Fee for service’
  • Helping Children with Autism