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Senses Australia strives to deliver high-quality disability services for you, however, we need feedback from you in order to fully understand whether we have ‘got it right’. If you would like to make a complaint, compliment or suggestion about your service, we would like to think that you would feel comfortable talking directly to the people who are providing your service in the first instance.

However, we understand that you may not wish to do this. In that case, please complete the form below and we will address the issue you raise. We will also contact you to find out more or to tell you the progress of your complaint if you wish us to do this.

Senses Australia reports all complaints to the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office HaDSCO. HaDSCO is an independent authority which collects information about complaints in disability services and if necessary provides an impartial resolution service. If you wish you can report any complaint directly to HaDSCO at


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Feedback on my services

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