Assistance for me in the Community

At Senses Australia, we support individuals with disability to form stronger connections to their local community.

This includes providing some support to participate in social, recreational and educational activities, as well as strategies to meet new people. Some people may also need help learning how to travel independently. Or they may just need a hand with mobility and equipment to better access their local community independently.

No matter your needs, we listen and support you to:

  • Design and plan your own service
  • Have genuine choice and make decisions about your supports and the services you want and use
  • Access appropriate therapy services
  • Determine how much information and control you want over the management of your services. To find out more, click here.

We can provide support to you throughout the week and on the weekends, depending on your needs and what you want to do with your time. Some of the activities we can assist you with include:


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Access to Community, Social and Recreational Activities

Do you or your child need some help with accessing the community to participate in social events, recreational activities, visit or make new friends, shopping and attending appointments? Senses Australia is here to help.

Our support workers can help you at different times of the day and week to assist you to be as independent as you wish out in the community.

Together, we will work out what you or your child needs and wants, and then we will provide you with the relevant help and flexibility to achieve your goals.

Training for Independence in Travel and Transport

Do you or your child need some help with transport in order to be independent in accessing the community, social and recreational activities and meeting up with friends and family? Senses Australia can help you get around.

Our support workers can help you or your child at different times of the day and week to assist with transport, and also provide training in order for you to be able to travel independently.

Together, we will work out just what you or your child needs and wants, and then we will provide you with the necessary assistance or training.

Assistance with Orientation and Mobility

The Orientation & Mobility Association of Australia defines Orientation & Mobility as “Orientation and Mobility (O&M) is about knowing where you are so that you can get to where you would like to go and travel there safely.

O&M Specialists work with people of all ages who are blind or have low vision. We offer training in the use of mobility aids, orientation to the environment, realistic assessment of limitations, vision education and development of sensory awareness.

Our O&M instructors will assess your needs and the environments you would like to travel in to make sure all risks are identified and reduced. They will provide you with the skills to enable you to enter any familiar or unfamiliar environment and to move around safely, efficiently and independently.

A long white cane is the mobility tool that most people who are blind choose to use and our O&M instructors have experience in teaching people who are blind to confidently use a cane.