Our direction

Our vision

We see a community that embraces and respects uniqueness and diversity – where a person with a disability has an equal opportunity to aspire and to achieve.

Our mission, vision and values guide us in all that we do. To find out more, click here.


Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Objectives

  • To be a leader in the provision of quality and contemporary disability care services which are responsive to the goals and aspirations of people with disability.
  • To be a centre of excellence in deafblindness and dual sensory loss.
  • To support responsible, sustainable and competitive growth within a dynamic disability services environment.
  • To communicate openly, accessibly and transparently.

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Senses Australia ensures that all of its disability support, care and services are provided to the highest standard, and is committed to achieving positive outcomes for people with disabilities, their families and carers. To find out more, click here.