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We’re Senses Australia and we’re here to help you.

Senses Australia is one of our nation’s leading not for profit organisations.  We’ve been providing world class disability services to the Western Australian community for more than 120 years. Every day, we help well over 650 children, adults and seniors with a wide range of disabilities reach their full potential.

Why choose us?  We provide a comprehensive range of support services to help you achieve your goals in life, whether it’s gaining greater independence, forming closer community connections, furthering your education, finding employment or improving your health and wellbeing.

What’s more, we provide a wide range of support services for family members, teachers and other significant people in your life, including health professionals and providers.  We can even provide you with that short break you so well deserve.

In short, we care for all of the people who care for you.  It’s a relationship that transcends the traditional role of service provider and client.  It’s a true partnership.  And it all begins with a chat.  Person to person.

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